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College of Arts and Humanities

Nancy Van Leuven, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Media, Communications and Journalism


Ph.D., Communication, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Dissertation Title: “Hard News, Soft News, and Tough Issues: The Symbiotic Relationships  between NGOs, News Agencies, and International Development”

Analyzes community and development communication including the synergistic  relationship of news agencies and NGOs involved in the United Nations’  Millennium Development Goals .Using the American cultural narrative of Manifest  Destiny as a structural framework, I study the processes of models and  messages about development, including strategic corporate and NGO campaigns to secure coverage about issues of women, poverty, health, and  sustainability. Research methods are categorized as social mobilization,  participatory research, training and impact evaluation of interventions about  poverty, sustainability, and gender. It is also an examination of global news flows  between North and South, examining how international issues are received and  presented differently by NGOs, governmental agencies, and news agencies as  wholesalers of information. 


Certificate in Feminist Studies, Women’s Studies Department

Certificate in International Development Policy and Management, Evans  School of Public Affairs 


Courses Taught

MCJ 1: Mass Communication and Society
MCJ 40: Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations
MCJ 148: Advertising Campaigns
MCJ 152S: Public Relations
MCJ 155SW: Nonprofit Public Relations and Development Writing 
MCJ 158W: Advanced Writing for Influence
MCJ 175: Media Stereotypes
MCJ 180: Water and Strategic Media
MCJ 190: Independent Study