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Department of Art, Design, and Art History


There are many scholarships available to students in the College of Arts and Humanities. The list is maintained by the University Scholarship Office of California State University, Fresno. Please visit this site for on-line application forms and submission deadlines. Scholarships are available for many special purposes and students. Don't assume you wouldn't qualify just because of your financial situation.

The Scholarship Application Page will list a deadline for applications for current Academic Year. However, it is worth putting in applications even when the deadline has passed, since many scholarship funds go unused because there have been insufficient qualified applicants when the scholarship committees meet during the semester following the announced deadline. Late applicants may be considered at that time.

A variety of scholarships are available through the Department of Art & Design, as well as through the university. Go here for the most current university scholarship information.

  • Ina Gregg Thomas Memorial Scholarship
  • Norma and Robert Craig Scholarship
  • Candlelight Guild-Susan Mon pere Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Craig Stover Memorial Scholarship
  • Ella and Adolf Odorfer Art Grant
  • Martha Hagen Memorial Scholarship in Fine Art
  • Walter Huston and Al Sunderland Memorial Scholarship
  • Ara and Rose Dolarian Art Department Scholarships
  • Debra Soligian Scholarship
  • Richard C. Watters and Diane C. Watters Endowed Scholarship

Apply for Scholarships