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The Ethics Center

Ethics Center Staff

Ethics Center Personnel

  • Executive Director: Dr. Andrew Fiala, Professor of Philosophy, College of Arts and Humanities:
  • Associate Director of Character Education: Dr. Jacques Benninga, Professor Emeritus, Kremen School of Education
  • Associate Director of Ethics Across the Curriculum: Dr. Zhanna Bagdasarov, Assistant Professor of Management, Craig School of Business
  • Associate Director of Civic Education: Dr. Stephen Morris, CEO of the Civic Education Center
  • Program Coordinator for Character Education Conference: Dr. Susan Schlievert, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Kremen School of Education
  • Program Coordinator for Mediator Mentors: Dr. Negin Tahvildary, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy
  • Staff Support: Ms. Ruth Aparicio
  • Social Media and Special Projects (Student): Mirzan “MZ” Azlan
  • Student Intern(s) (Student): TBA