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Department of Linguistics

Current Projects

On this page you will find a description of some of the research, teaching and curriculum/materials development that we are currently working on.


The Benefits of an Extended Reality in Web-based Language Learning Apps

Principal Investigator - Dr. Jaydene Elvin Co-PI - Dr. Laura Huisinga

Through the use of WebVR we aim to make an extended reality, immersive, language learning experience that offers remote interactive learning opportunities. We investigate whether the use of extended reality helps lower the affective filter (psychological obstacles that limit language learning, e.g., confidence, motivation) and whether or not it leads to overall gains in language development.


Development of an online, asynchronous curriculum for a Functional Spanish for EMRs course

PIs - Jaydene Elvin (PhD), Cheryl Chan (MA), Marc Tamarit (MA)

In this project, we conducted a needs assessment, designed a curriculum, created lessons and developed materials for a Functional Spanish course specifically designed for emergency responders.