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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Department TA Policy

Any deviation may result in reconsideration for employment.

1. A TA/Instructor is to teach the class that has been assigned to him/her by the coordinator or the chair of the department.

2. A TA/Instructor is not to switch sections without prior consent of the coordinator or the department chair.

3. Under no circumstances is class to be cancelled.

4. If a TA/Instructor is sick or unable to teach his/her class, s/he is to find a substitute teacher after clearing his/her absence with the coordinator.

5. A TA/Instructor is to follow the class schedule as outlined in the class syllabus and is not to deviate from it.

6. A TA/Instructor is to follow the guidelines and policy set forth in the syllabus and is not to deviate from them.

7. A TA/Instructor is to attend all the meetings called by the coordinator or the chair unless a previous excuse has been obtained.

8. A TA/Instructor is to write the quizzes and part(s) of the exam(s) assigned to him/her by the coordinator. The hour exams are to be prepared according to the patterns set forth by the coordinator. The parts for said exams are to be prepared by the person named by the coordinator and such parts are to be handed in to the coordinator at the time assigned.

9. A TA/Instructor is to keep at least two office hours per week, post them on his/her office door or in front of his/her desk and inform his/her students of these. It is advised that these office hours are to be held at different times and days (i.e., Mo. 8:30-9:30, Tu. 10:30-11:30, Fr. 1:30-2:30).

10. A TA/Instructor is to grade the exams promptly and to follow the guidelines set for these.

11. A TA/Instructor is to keep a class record with all the students’ names and results of class work and at the end of the semester must turn it in to the coordinator.

12. Final exams are to be maintained for three years after the end of the class.

13. Exams are to be given only at the dates/times specified on the class syllabus.

14. TAs/Instructors are to give quizzes periodically to ascertain a student’s progress in class. These quizzes are already specified in the class schedule but a TA/Instructor may choose to have more (not less) of these if s/he considers it appropriate.

15. In no way is a TA/Instructor to reveal to students the content of an exam. A TA/Instructor may inform students of the format of the exam.

16. A TA/Instructor will establish a set of rules for his/her classroom that will supplement, not substitute, the rules set forth here (i.e., there will be no make-up quizzes, every three late attendances will constitute an absence). The TA/Instructor will make copies of these, hand them to the students, make sure they understand them, and give a copy to the coordinator.

17. A TA/Instructor is to give the coordinator a copy of his/her semester schedule (this is to include the class(es) s/he teaches and takes, location of these, and office hours). This is to be handed in the first week of class.

18. During the last week of class all TAs and Instructors are to have their students complete course evaluation forms. An Instructor or student who volunteers to do so and to take them to the departmental office proctors these. When they become available, that is, after the evaluations are returned from the [OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND TESTING], the TA/Instructor will discuss them with the coordinator. Please refer to the departmental policy on student evaluations for further information.

19. Hour exams are to be given on the date already specified on the class schedule, and once in the classroom the TA/Instructor is to hand these out individually to the students. Do not pass them down the row.

20. The first day of class TAs/Instructors are to go over the class syllabus carefully and to make sure that the students fully understand what is expected of them. Make sure that they comprehend the departmental and university policies listed on the syllabus.

21. A TA/Instructor is to follow all policy and regulations set forth by the coordinator and the chair of the department.

22. All TAs/Instructors are required to attend orientation sessions at the beginning of each semester. IF suggested by a coordinator, a TA/Instructor is required to attend another section of the course being taught.

23. In order to be considered for reappointment, a TA must be making satisfactory progress toward completion of the MA degree, as stipulated in the Information Guide for MA Students in Spanish.

24. TA/Instructor appointments are not complete until the final exam(s) are evaluated and grades are submitted.