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Department of Music

Theory Resources

Benjamin Boone's "Some Insights, Comments and Exercises on Tuning and Intonation," from the National Band Association Journal , Vol. XXXXV, No. 3

Music 1A Resources

Music Theory and Ear Training Drill Links

If you are having trouble in music theory, it is recommended that in addition to seeking help from your instructor, you visit some of the links below for further explanation and drill. These are marvelous resources. A recommended off-line resource is Greg Steinke's Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programmed Guide, vols. 1 and 2, which is located in Madden Library.

Please give us feedback by letting us know what sites below have proven to be most helpful to you, or if you find other helpful sites we should include here:

Music Theory Sites

Composition Resources

Benjamin Boone's article " Career Development 101," from ComposerUSA , Series IV, Vol. 10, No. 1.

Composition Links

Below are links to some sites of interest to composers. Let us know which sites you find most helpful, and if you discover sites you think should be linked here.