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Department of Music



Choral Conducting

Candidates will be required to send a résumé, three letters of recommendation and complete an on-campus audition. Please arrange an audition and send resume and letters to the Director of Choral Activities (

On-Campus Audition
On-campus auditions will be scheduled with the Director of Choral Activities. See Audition Process/Requirements below. If a candidate is unable to come to campus for a live audition, they may submit video recordings for the panel to evaluate. Please see Video Audition Requirements below.

Audition Process/Requirements
The candidate will conduct the Fresno State Concert Choir through 2 pieces in the audition and lead the ensemble through a brief warm-up. Candidates are encouraged to choose warm-ups/choral exercises that help to set up the pieces they will be conducting. The candidate will audition for a panel of faculty.

Piece #1: Title to be assigned by the Director of Choral Activities. The candidate will conduct straight through the work (or movement), giving the audition panel an opportunity to see the candidate's artistry and physical communication skills as a conductor. The candidate may not coach the choir verbally.

Piece #2: Title to be decided upon by the candidate in conjunction with the Director of Choral Activities. The candidate will choose a piece or portion of a piece to rehearse for approximately 15 minutes. The aim is to make as much difference in the performance of the piece/excerpt as possible in the allotted time.

Video Audition Requirements
Your video should include approximately 10 minutes of rehearsal (this may include warm-ups) and 10 minutes of performance recordings of your conducting. The camera should face the conductor. Video submissions should be a link to a video file. Once received, the DCA will distribute the links to the faculty panel for final consideration.

For further information, contact Dr. Cari Earnhart (

Instrumental Conducting

• Applicants must meet with Dr. Gary Gilroy for a one-on-one interview to discuss the applicants experience and the graduate instrumental conducting program.

• Applicants must submit a video recording (at least 20 minutes in length) of the applicant conducting an instrumental ensemble in either a performance or rehearsal setting.

For further information, contact Dr. Gary Gilroy (

Orchestral Conducting

• Applicants for the MA in conducting should have some conducting/teaching experience prior to application. In addition to the other items required for admission to the Department of Music, applicants should have a pre-audition video representative of their work in conducting as follows:

• A rehearsal video recording of approximately 30 minutes’ duration from a single rehearsal; this recording should show a frontal view of the conductor and verbal directions should be clearly audible.

• A performance video recording including several contrasting selections; this video may be made from the audience’s position, but should clearly show the conductor’s gestures.  Although the performance video may consist of a number of selections recorded at various times, individual performances should be intact and technologically unaltered.

• All videos must be of high visual and aural quality.

• If the pre-audition video recordings are acceptable, the graduate orchestral conducting professor, Dr. Thomas Loewenheim, may invite the applicant to schedule a live audition.  For that audition, please prepare two contrasting pieces from the standard literature and make sure you have a piano reduction for both pieces.

For further information, contact Dr. Thomas Loewenheim (