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Department of Music

Financial Aid Oppurtunities 

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There are a variety of ways to finance your graduate career. The Financial Aid Office at Fresno State provides information on how to apply for aid, scholarships, and resources. The Division of Research and Graduate Studies ( offers a number of scholarships, fellowships, and awards including The Graduate Research and Creative Activities Support Award and Travel Grants to present at a paper or poster at a major association professional conference or society meeting.

Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students who fall below a 3.0 GPA will lose their eligibility to receive music scholarships and grants until such time as the GPA is raised.

Scholarship recipients whose grades fall below 3.0, but who are close to meeting the standard can petition the Department for a one-semester extension before losing their eligibility. If they fail to meet the standard after the one semester extension, they will lose scholarship/grant eligibility until the standard is met.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend classes regularly. Faculty reports of recipients frequently missing classes will result in the loss of scholarship/grant eligibility.

Graduate scholarship recipients must be enrolled in at least 6 units of course work in order to receive a scholarship or grant. Scholarship or grant recipients who drop classes during the semester, resulting in a total unit enrollment below the required minimum, will be expected to repay the scholarship or grant to the Music Department.

Scholarship recipients are expected to make steady progress toward the completion of the degree. Those who fail to complete the degree in a timely fashion will lose scholarship eligibility.

Music Scholarships

See the following link for a current listing of music scholarships:

Music Scholatships

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate assistants are identified as needed by the full-time faculty. These positions are intended to provide the student with an apprenticeship experience and with financial support for graduate education. University policy mandates that graduate assistants (and teaching associates, see below) be appointed in fields related to their advance study. Full assistantships require a maximum of 20 hours per week of service and may not be appointed concurrently in other CSU job classifications. Graduate assistants work under the close supervision of full-time faculty. They are limited to assisting full-time faculty members in undergraduate lower division courses (lecture, studio, lab), but are not responsible for instructional content, for selection of student assignments, for planning examinations, or for determining terms grades for students, nor are they assigned any instructional responsibilities.

Teaching Associate

Teaching associateships are sometimes available depending on the curricular needs of the Department. Graduate students with at least conditional classified standing and who are currently enrolled in six units or more of graduate courses in the Department of Music are eligible to apply for a teaching associateship. Under the supervision of a member of the graduate faculty, teaching associates will be given assignments that contribute significantly to the student's graduate work and educational experience. Teaching assignments include: teaching a lower division introductory course, assisting faculty in the reading of papers, grading examinations, and/or performing other assignments supportive of university instruction.

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