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Department of Music

Graduate Award and Recognition

Graduate Dean's Medal

Every year one graduating student is selectedfor the College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Dean's Medal. All graduate programs within the College nominate one student for this honor. Members of the College of Arts and Humanities Advisory Board review the nominees and make a recommendation to the Dean.  

The selection criteria for the College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Dean's Medal is as follows:

• Distinguished scholarly and creative excellence in the discipline/field.  This should include evidence of academic contributions to the discipline/field above and beyond what is normally expected of a student in the program.

• Dedication and plans for continuing academic pursuit achievement in their discipline/professional field.

• Participation and achievement in leadership roles and/or service to the university and to the community through voluntary and/or paid positions.

• Possess the unquestioned support of the department faculty in the discipline as evidenced by the department statement of nomination and letters of recommendation.

• Ability to effectively represent their program and the university.

Graduate Student Ambassador

Each spring, one graduate student is selected as the Music Department Graduate Student Ambassador. All Graduate Student Ambassadors are recognized at a special event sponsored by the Division of Research and Graduate Studies. Departments are asked to consider a variety of factors when choosing their Graduate Student Ambassador including leadership, character, integrity, and ability to inspire others.

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