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Department of Music

Vocal Performance

The Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance at California State University, Fresno is a degree that specializes in the study and performance of vocal music in the Western Tradition. It is a continuation of academic inquiry into vocal music performance, literature and pedagogy from the completion of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music or Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance. The aim of the master's degree is to foster, from a posture of intellectual curiosity, connections and original conclusions in the area of vocal music in performance. 

Prospective master's degree students are expected to already have studied and performed in great detail, the music written for the voice over approximately the last 800 years in Europe, Scandinavia and more recently North and South America. The prior acquisition of at least a functional knowledge of at least five Latin/Germanic/Slavic derived languages is essential, as is the ability to sing in these languages. Familiarity with the International Phonetic Alphabet is an asset, as is the knowledge of the significant historical trends in repertoire for the voice since 1600 CE. Also, a working knowledge of current thought in teaching methods and pedagogy for solo voice is desirable. If the student lacks experience in any of these areas the faculty can require the student, as a condition of acceptance to the degree, the undergraduate courses in diction, vocal pedagogy or vocal literature to remedy to any academic deficiency in these subjects.

For the audition we require an applicant to prepare five contrasting solo pieces in at least four different languages and from three different musical historical periods. One of the songs must be in English. A live audition in Fresno is preferred and an accompanist will be provided. However, in some cases a video audition will be accepted. The video must be unedited and the recording must show the student performing the songs with a clear audio of both the singer and a live acoustic piano. Videos that are edited or are not clear will not be accepted and a live audition will be required for consideration and admittance.

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