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Department of Music

Appendix 'A' - Links to Roadmaps for Options within Major

Roadmaps for 2010 and previous catalogs


Roadmaps for 2011 - Current catalog


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Appendix 'B' - Links to Forms

Entrance Audition Application, Background and Preparation Form

(bring completed form to your Entrance Audition)

Reservation Form for Student Departmental Recitals (to schedule Convocation Hour Recitals)

Facility Requisition Form (to schedule In House curricular, Department festivals, special events, faculty and student recitals)

Facility Requisition Form (to schedule Senior and Graduate Recitals)

Recital Program Template (this is the format to use for your senior recital program)

Piano Proficiency Examination Assessment Form

Schedule of Elective Course Offerings and Other Course Rotations

Conducting Proficiency Examination Checklist

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