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Department of Music


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Student Responsibilities

In an effort to maintain our beautiful building, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Take pride in our Department and facilities. Do not leave papers, soda cans, cafeteria trays and similar items around the building. Use the trashcans provided, and don't be afraid to remind others to do the same.
  • Do not sit on tables, pianos, equipment, etc. Use the benches and chairs provided.
  • Keep your feet off the walls.
  • Refrain from putting any kinds of stickers or labels on the lockers.
  • Post announcements ONLY on bulletin boards, NEVER on the walls. Use tacks or push pins never staples.
  • Get permission from the Department office to post items on any restricted bulletin boards.

Practice room rules

  • Do not use the acoustical panel as a bulletin board.
  • Do not use the piano as a shelf.
  • Brass players will please use towels or newspaper to catch condensation from your instruments. The oil from it will quickly ruin carpeting.
  • Do not cover the practice room window.
  • Do not lock the doors.
  • Please return any equipment (i.e. stands, chairs, instruments, etc.) to the place where you found it. If you practice in a classroom, put stands and chairs away when you finish.

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 Practice Room Hours

Practice rooms are open M-F 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 11: 00 p.m. on weekends. The campus is closed between December 25 and January 1.

Rehearsal Spaces

These are arranged in the Department office on a space-available basis.

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Non-degree Recordings

Music majors can request to use one of the Department's performing venues for recordings that serve other purposes than their required senior and graduate recitals. Requests will be honored depending on the availability of the selected performing venue and appropriate recording technologist. A minimum recording fee of $50 will be assessed at the time of booking and guarantees the student one hour of recording time. Students will be charged $12.50 per fifteen-minute increments of recording time beyond the minimum fee if more recording time is needed. Under no circumstances will the recording session last longer than 2 hours on a given day. An additional piano/harpsichord tuning charge of $50 will be also be assessed if such instruments are used for the recording session.

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