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Department of Music

Financial Aid Oppurtunities

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Scholarship Qualification and Retention Policy

Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA (cumulative and within music-major courses), attend all classes regularly, maintain enrollment in at least twelve units of course work, and make steady progress toward completion of the degree.  Scholarship recipients who do not fulfill all of these expectations may lose their scholarships. That decision is the responsibility of the main supervising instructor (typically the studio teacher or ensemble conductor), who is expected to consult with the Department Chair and/or the Scholarship Committee.  If no qualified music major is available to accept a scholarship for a position that needs to be filled (e.g., within the President's Quintet), the Department reserves the right to award the scholarship money to another musically qualified student who can fill a key position in a Department ensemble.

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Music Scholarships

  • Melvin Baddin Memorial Grant. Preference given to a string player.
  • Roland P. Beiden Memorial Scholarship. Preference given to a pianist.
  • Charlotte Chilpigian Memorial Fund Scholarship. For a full-time undergraduate vocal or part time graduate choral/vocal student.
  • Clendenin Brass Quintet Scholarship Information.$1000 Annual Scholarship ($500 per semester). For information regarding auditions, contact Dr. Thomas Hiebert, 278-4096
  • Bud Easton Scholarship. For students participating in the Fresno State Jazz program.
  • Richard L. Grauel Memorial Woodwind Scholarship. For woodwind players.
  • Martha Hagan Memorial Scholarship in Music. For a sophomore, junior, or senior music major who shows excellent promise and has demonstrated financial need.
  • Russell & Maxine Howland Memorial Scholarship. Any music major studying clarinet.
  • Arthur E. Huff Scholarship. For a full-time undergraduate or graduate choral music student.
  • Amparo Iturbi Memorial Scholarship. For a piano student.
  • Philip Lorenz Piano Scholarship. For a piano student.
  • Music Department Endowment Fund Scholarships. Any music major.
  • Music Teacher Association of California, Fresno County Branch Scholarship.
  • Loretta Ann Price Awards. Any music major and a graduate who is in the credential program.
  • Allen Skei Musicology Scholarship. Preference given to music majors with a special interest in musicology.
  • Soroptomist Music Scholarship. For an undergraduate in their junior year and one graduate student.
  • Friends of Gary Unruh Scholarship. For undergraduate and graduate students in choral conducting, preference given to graduate students.
  • Arthur C. Wahlberg Family Scholarship. Preference given to a student in vocal or choral music.
  • Alumni Scholarships (watch for announcements listing requirements)
  • Mary Renning Phillips Scholarship for study of piano.
  • King Scholarships (to be determined by the music Department faculty)
  • Vern Delaney Scholarship for the study of voice.
  • President's Quintet For information contact Dr. Teresa Beaman at

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Marching Band Stipends

Scholarship Application Form

The Marching Band offers a stipends as payment for playing in the Bulldog Beat. Stipends for playing in the Bulldog Beat can be as high as $2000 per academic year.

For information about applying, contractual obligations, and the like, see the Director of the Marching Band or the Marching Band administrative assistant.

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