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Department of Music


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The Fresno State Department of Music has a fairly large inventory of musical instruments that are available for check out to students; these instruments are provided as a benefit to students for ensembles, pedagogy classes, etc. The Department charges a rental fee for all school instruments checked out. This helps defray repair and new instrument costs.

The rental fee is $20 per trimester per ensemble/course.

For purposes of instrument rental the year is divided into three trimesters as follows:

  • Fall
  • Spring (including the preceding Winter Break)
  • Summer

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Fall & Spring Semesters (Trimesters)

For the Fall and Spring semesters (trimesters), instruments are due back to theInstrument Shop by the last day of finals at the latest. Therefore instruments are late for Fall and Spring semesters if returned AFTER THE LAST DAY OF FINALS.

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Summer Trimester

For the Summer trimester, instruments are due back to the Instrument Shop by the second day of Fall course instruction at the latest. Therefore, instruments will be late for the Summer (trimester) usage if returned AFTER THE SECOND DAY of Fall course instruction.

A $20 LATE FEE will applied to all instruments that are returned after due dates, and an ADMINISTRATIVE HOLD will be placed on the corresponding student's registration. Once late, there will be a two-week grace period before the following trimester fee is added. Therefore, if a student fails to return a rented instrument after the due date a $20 late fee applies, and if the instrument is not returned within two weeks of the due date ANOTHER $20 fee will be added. Normal trimester rental fees as well as additional late fees per trimester will accrue until an instrument is returned or paid in full.

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Use of Special Instruments

The Elizabeth V. Lyles Pipe Organ in the Concert Hall was built by the Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company in St. Louis, Missouri and installed in 1996. It is a two-manual (56 note) and pedal (30 note) instrument of twenty stops, with mechanical key and stop action. This instrument is used for teaching, practice, concerts and other community/educational events. In order to accommodate the variety of uses, scheduling and care of the instrument is under the aegis of the Department's organ instructor. Contact the Department office for additional information.

The Ruckers Harpsichord is housed in the Concert Hall in a special enclosure to control temperature and humidity. This instrument is used only in the Concert Hall, and is not moved to different locations. Students using harpsichord will ordinarily practice on the Neupert harpsichord, which is also housed in the Concert Hall. Practicing in preparation for recitals or other performances may be done on the Ruckers, but must be scheduled through the Department office.

The Disk-Klavier is a special piano that allows soloists to practice with a pre-recorded accompaniment. Use of this instrument must be scheduled through the Department office and is for the use of music students only. Because this instrument is heavily used, practice times are limited to 2 hours at a time. Please use the sign up sheet on the door ofthe practice room to insure your time with this instrument.

Some of the practice rooms are designated for the use of piano majors only. Piano students who are currently studying with our piano faculty will be given their own key to use these practice rooms. State keys issued to students should not be copied under penalty of state law.

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