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Department of Communication

Emeriti Faculty

R. Gene Anderson, Ph.D. University of Colorado

Communication Education / Instructional Communication / Verbal Interaction Analysis / Questioning Strategies / Classroom Discipline

Hal Bochin, Ph.D. University of Indiana

History of American Public Address / Rhetorical Criticism / Argumentation & Debate / Group Discussion

Melanie Bloom, Ph.D. Ohio University

Culture & Learning Styles / Intercultural Communication / Male-female Communication / Instructional Communication / Interpersonal Communication

John Cagle, Ph.D. University of Iowa

Rhetorical & Communication Theory /Group Communication /Computer Applications / Statistics & Research Methods / Language & Culture / Professional Communication Skills 

Carl W. Carmichael, Ph.D. University of Iowa

Communication Aspects of Aging / Social Linguistics / Persuasion

Connie Conlee, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Organizational Communication / Group Communication / Health Communication / Computer Applications / Leadership 

L. Ralph Hennings, Ph.D. University of Oregon

Humanities / Post Modernism / Rhetorical Theory / Rhetorical Criticism / Political Communication / British Studies / Philosophy

David Natharius, Ph.D. University of Southern California

Interpersonal & Group Communication / Gender Communication / Experiential Learning / Conflict Management / The Humanities

Robert Powell, Ph.D. University of Nebraska

Instructional Communication / Critical Thinking / Communication Theory

David Quadro, Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles

Argumentation / American Public Address / Rhetorical Theory

Sally Cahill Tannenbaum, Ed.D. California State University, Fresno

Instructional Communication / Service-Learning / Political Persuasion / Rhetorical Criticism / Leadership

W. Richard Ullmann, Ph.D.

Communication Research Methods / Social Influence & Attitude Change / Persuasion / Interpersonal Communication / Litigation Consulting

Emeriti Faculty (Deceased)

Vincent L. Bloom, Ph.D. Ohio University

Family Communication / Interpersonal Communication / Communication Theory / Communication Apprehension / Philosophy of Communication

Howard J. Campbell, Ed.D. University of California at Berkeley

Interpersonal Communication / Instructional Communication / General Semantics / Intercultural Communication

George E. Diestel, Ph.D. University of Southern California

Rhetorical & Communication Theory / Humanities / Computer Applications, Statistics, & Research Methods / Freedom of Speech / Silence / Leadership / Holocaust Studies

Gail Sorensen, Ed.D. West Virginia University

Instructional Communication

Charles Taylor, Ed.D. University of California at Los Angeles

Oral Communication / General Semantics / Instructional Communication / Intercultural Communication