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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science Degree Program Overview

General Information

All students are required to complete at least 51 units of General Education (link) courses. Some of these may be double-counted (link) towards you degree. There are other conditions and stipulations, so read the GE section of the General Catalog (link).

You can minor or Major in Cognitive Science. The program requires a minimum of 120 semester units to graduate with a Major. The minor requires 18-22 units of coursework in tandem or separate from your Major program.

The Cognitive Science program is multidisciplinary. This makes it easy to minor in Cognitive Science from one of the related Major programs (link), or minor in another related area while working toward a Major in Cognitive Science.

There is a program example (link) outline, as a guide for interested students. In addition, there is a school website (link), setup specifically for the purpose of helping outline a semester-by-semester schedule. (Make sure to verify information on this website against your incoming year catalog and current courses; not all courses are offered every semester.)

There are two courses specific to Cognitive Science, descriptions are here (link). (This may be expanding with a 3rd, independant study course, or to replace one of the existing courses; Note: Fall 2008.)