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Cognitive Science

Topics Related to Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Science program at CSU Fresno falls under the category of a "Special Program," because it is multidisciplinary. There are instructors and courses involved in the following departments across campus:

  • Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Computer Science
  • Philosophy
  • Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies
  • Information Systems and Decision Sciences

The last two, CDDS and ISDS, would be the most difficult programs to mix and match with Cognitive Science. Only one (1) course in either department crosses-over, as the program is designed right now. (At this point in time; the wonderful thing about Cognitive Science is that it bridges gaps, and things can be 're-arranged.')

The first four departments (Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Computer Science) present an easy way of Majoring in Cognitive Science and easily working toward a minor in one of these areas; or visa-versa, pursuing a Major in one of these 4 areas, and seeking a minor in Cognitive Science.

If this interests you, check with the current Cognitive Sciences Chairperson (rotating among involved professors) for more information. (As of Fall 2008, Dr. Lorin Lachs in the Psychology department.)