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Cognitive Science

General Education and Cognitive Sciences

Here are the necessary links to the University Catalogue & General Education:

University Catalog Website:

Current Catalog, General Education:

The Cognitive Science program at CSU Fresno requires 120 total semester units for graduation. As a part of your total units, 51 are required in General Education. Three (3) General Education requirements may be shared with the Cognitive Sciences program as it is designed (PSYCH 10, 126 and PHIL 151).

Cognitive Science, is an interdisciplinary science (encompassing several disciplines). Due to this, it falls under the category of a "Special Program," affiliated with several departments (Philosophy is technically the parent department, hosting the program). The staff with individual, relating, specialties are spread across the deptarments involving the separate disciplines.

With this in mind, it especially emphasizes the purpose behind General Education courses being an integral part of your education.

A quote from the university catalog ...

The overall objective of General Education is to create a context wherein basic skills are developed and strengthened, scholarship and disciplined thinking emerge, awareness and reflection occur, and ultimately - the integration of knowledge begins.

Cognitive Science is specialized in that it brings together many topical areas, such as what the mind does in the learning process.

Just some food for thought, and advise to keep in mind throughout college (for new & seasoned college students):
Any class you may not like, but have to take, can have value! What is the value to You?
The most mundane or boring "just take it and get it over with" General Education class can, does and will relate to past, present or future education and life experience, in "General."