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The Ethics Center

Ethics Across the Curriculum

Promoting Pedagogical Projects, Curricular Innovation, and Research on Practical and Applied Ethics 


Support for Ethics Research ($500)
In Collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Proposals should be sent to Zhanna Bagdasarov, Associate Director of Ethics Across the Curriculum, Ethics Center, at The deadline for proposals is December 13, 2019 by 5 PM.

 For more information or questions, please contact Zhanna Bagdasarov at, or at 559.278.2830.

Faculty Learning Communities and Discussion Groups

AY 2016-17: Entrepreneurship Ethics FLC
AY 2014-15: Professional Ethics FLC
AY 2013-14: Professional Ethics FLC

Spring 2019: Judith Butler (Feminism/Transgender) Reading Group
Spring 2018: Peter Park (Eurocentrism) Reading Group
Fall 2017: Richard Rothstein (Color of Law) Reading Group
Spring 2016: David Brooks (Character) Reading Group
Spring 2016: Lucius Outlaw (Critical Race) Reading Group
Fall 2016: Melinda Hall (Transhumanism) Reading Group
Spring 2012: Robert Bellah (Religion Evolution) Reading Group
Fall 2010: Chris Hedges (Empire of Illusion) Reading Group
Spring 2010: Nel Noddings (Care Ethics) Reading Group