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Media, Communications and Journalism

Institute for Media and Public Trust

The Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust has embarked on ambitious work to find solutions to the fake news crisis and bridge the trust gap between news consumers and media outlets. In these challenging times, the Institute is committed to being a vehicle that brings people and institutions together. We are not going to just talk about the problem, we will also seek ways to resolve these issues.

We are a part of the Media, Communications and Journalism Department and our faculty and students will help us meet our goals.

Our work will be guided by the First Amendment, and we will be talking a lot about ethics, values and transparency as we take on these challenges. We believe strongly in the concept that a well-informed citizenry will improve civic engagement and participation in our democracy.

We welcome everyone's participation, and believe that the more partners we have, the stronger our work will be.

For more information, contact Executive Director Jim Boren at or visit our blog at


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