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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures


Latin courses can be applied toward a Special Major or minor in Classical Studies.

Course Descriptions

LATIN 1A. Elementary Latin (3 units)
Prerequisite: G.E. Foundation A2. An introduction to the fundamentals of the Latin language, grammar, and its practical relation to Romance languages and English. Background study: Roman culture and its relevance to the modern world. G.E. Breadth C2.

LATIN 1B. Elementary Latin (3 units)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation A2, LATIN 1A or permission of instructor. Second semester course in Latin; completion of the fundamentals of Latin grammar. Emphasis on translation practice and composition skills. Background study: Roman culture and its relevance to modern world. G.E. Breadth C2.

LATIN 131T. Latin Literature
(3; max total 12 units if no topic repeated)

Prerequisite: LATIN 1B. Concentration on a major Latin poet or prose author. Translation and discussion. Research reports on literary, historical, and textual problems.

LATIN 132. Classical Mythology (3 units)
Greco-Roman myths, emphasis on their impact on the fine arts and literatures of the Western World. Illustrated lectures. Taught in English.

LATIN 190. Independent Study (1-3; max total 6 units)
See Academic Placement -- Independent Study. Approved for RP grading.

(Catalog descriptions 2011-2012)

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