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Middle East Studies Program

Plan of Operation to Establish a Persian and Arabic Language Curriculum and Develop a Minor in Middle East Studies

Timeline Plan of Activities

Summer 2007

  • Develop Persian 1A and Arabic 1A.
  • Language courses will be planned for the evening to allow listing with the Division of Continuing and Global Education.
  • Recruitment of students for the language courses will take place in collaboration with University Outreach, the Persian and Arabic Instructors, and community partners.

Fall Semester 2007

  • Offering Beginning Persian 1A and Beginning Arabic 1A.
  • Submission of proposals for first year Persian and Arabic for approval to the campus curricular process.
  • Recruitment of Students for the Study Abroad Program.
  • Workshop for Faculty Participants on Program Development and Assessment.

Spring Semester 2008

  • Offering Beginning Persian 1B and Beginning Arabic 1B.
  • Offering one existing course for the minor: Political Economy of the Middle East.

Developing 4 additional courses for the minor; courses will be  selected from the following:

  • An Introduction to the Middle East: Language, Culture, and Politics.
  • Islamic Art and Architecture.
  • Philosophy 165T: Islam.
  • Middle Eastern Film Criticism or Middle Eastern News Analysis.
  • Workshop for faculty participants on program development and assessment.
  • Development of the Study Abroad opportunities and student recruitment.

Summer 2008

  • Students attend Study Abroad Program.
  • Develop four courses for the minor.
  • Develop second year language courses: Persian 2A-B and Arabic 2A-B.
  • Recruitment of students for the language program and minor.

Fall 2008

  • Offering Intermediate Persian 2A & 1A and Arabic 2A & 1A.
  • Submit proposal for approval of the minor.
  • Offering courses for the minor.
  • Recruit students for the Study Abroad.

Spring 2009

  • Offering Persian 2B & 1B and Arabic 2B & 1B.
  • Assessment of Language Program.
  • Assessment of Minor & Project.
  • Middle Eastern Lecture and Film Series.


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