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Department of Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy, along with a dynamic program in philosophy and Pre-Law, houses Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Religious Studies option, Jain/Hindu Dharma initiative, and Social Justice certificate.

Fall 2022 Courses

  • PHIL 120 (section 2) Exploration of moral issues through M.K. Gandhi’s philosophy expressed in his philosophical writings, moral views, and related works of fiction and films. Looks at questions such as, "What is it to be moral? Why be moral? Why care about others? How should scarce resources be distributed? What is integrity?" GE Area IC
  • PAX 100 Provides an overview of causes and types of conflict. Critical examination of issues related to war, peace, and justice. Principled negotiation; cultural awareness.

  • PAX 110 Theories, methods, and skills in personal transformation, anger management, communication, engaging cooperation, building community, reducing prejudice, maintaining relationships, and consensus decision making. Emphasizes multicultural perspectives.