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Department of Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy, along with a dynamic program in philosophy and Pre-Law, houses Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Religious Studies option, Jain/Hindu Dharma initiative, and Social Justice certificate.

Dr. Howard sitting with students at World's Religion Parilment

Spring 2023

  • HON 101 Emerging Voices. Religion, Society, and the Quest for Identity: Understanding through the Autobiographical Writings of Gandhi, Lewis, and Yousafzai. This course will examine the emergence of the category of "religion", a result of colonialism on the Indian subcontinent, and its social impact. Furthermore, this course will explore how the classification of religion led to a rise of nationalism, and new identities of caste, race, and gender in India and in other colonized contexts.


  • PAX 100 Provides an overview of causes and types of conflict. Critical examination of issues related to war, peace, and justice. Principled negotiation; cultural awareness.


  • PAX 110 Theories, methods, and skills in personal transformation, anger management, communication, engaging cooperation, building community, reducing prejudice, maintaining relationships, and consensus decision making. Emphasizes multicultural perspectives.