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Center for Creativity and the Arts

About Center for Creativity and the Arts

Cindy Urrutia

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Center for Creativity and the Arts (CCA). Since its founding, CCA has been committed to presenting Fresno State and the Central Valley community with yearly thematic arts programming that focuses on regional issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. At CCA our goal is not only to create a dialog on the arts, but to actively engage Fresno State students, faculty and staff, as well as the local community.

As we begin the 2020-2021 academic year, CCA is will continue to fulfill its mission, while at the same time navigate the Covid-19 situation and current social distancing protocols.  We are committed to serving you and keeping the arts thriving in Fresno. For that reason our events this year will be virtual.

We look forward to continuing to create innovative arts programming. We highly encourage you to get involved with CCA. Join our mailing list, volunteer at an event. Let us know what type of programming interests you. Contact us regarding housing your historical / arts related archives and papers.

Finally, CCA is a non-profit organization that is made possible through your generous support. Consider donating to CCA.


Sincerely Yours,
Cindy Urrutia, PhD, Director of Center for Creativity and the Arts

Our Mission

CCA's mission is to engage the public with the arts vis-à-vis dynamic interdisciplinary programming that highlights local topics that have global perspectives.  Each year, CCA explores a theme that focuses on contemporary conversations or issues that are important to our society. Through art exhibitions, films, lectures, debates, theater, and musical performances, the theme is approached from a multidisciplinary perspective that stimulates public engagement through inquiry, discussion and understanding.

As an institution, CCA is committed to contributing to the intellectual, social and artistic life of the university and the Central Valley.  We seek to create an environment where the arts function as a catalyst for intellectual and creative conversations that are grounded in the everyday life of the Central Valley. That is why interdisciplinary community engagement and yearly thematic programming that is relevant to the Central Valley are the cornerstones of CCA's programing.


Call the Arts and Humanities Dean’s Office at 559.278.3056 

or email Director Cindy Urrutia at 

Persons with Disabilities

Fresno State encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided by CCA, please call the Arts & Humanities Dean’s Office at 559.278.3056 in advance of your CCA participation or CCA visit.