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Department of Philosophy


Internships are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Interns from American Humanics or other on-campus programs must first register for the class in their department and then make an appointment with the Mediator Mentors Project Director or Coordinator to review expectations and to identify a placement setting. For most internships, a paper integrating theory and practice is required.

Interns from Social Work and Counseling can be placed in schools with mediation programs AND PPS supervising professionals. This arrangements assists students who need to amass hours, provides profession-specific supervision and allows for student experience in mediation program development with site-based and university conflict resolution educators.

Interns from other schools should bring internship descriptions to Mediator Mentors project personnel in order to assure that mutual goals and expectations are met. In all situations, the safety and privacy of school children is our first concern and appropriate finger printing and attire are required.