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Department of Philosophy

Certificate in Social Justice and Social Change

Cesar Chavez in the Peace Garden

This interdisciplinary certificate prepares students to engage in critically thought out, intellectually grounded, and tolerant social justice actions. Students who complete the certificate requirements will be equipped with skills for positively directed, theoretically cognizant, and thoroughly respectful social activity within social justice arenas of life. The Social Justice and Social Change Certificate would be useful in many of the diverse fields where students wish to showcase their commitment to and engagement with social justice, including, but not limited to: social work, community and public service, non-profit and charity work, activism, legal careers, business, professional ethics organizations (including corporate and medical ethics boards), environmental science and engineering, as well as further graduate study in the fields of philosophy, sociology, religious studies, political science, and other fields within the arts, humanities, social sciences, and social work.

Requirements for Certificate

Students earning the certificate will be required to take one class in each of four categories (for a total of 12 units, minimum): Social Justice Theory, Social Diversity, Contemporary Social Issues, and Social Change: Applications. The courses for each category are:

Social Justice Theory (Choose One Course)

Phil 121, 125W, 126

Social Diversity (Choose One Course)

AFRS 144, 150; ANTH 120; CLAS 120, 160, 162; COMM 120, 164; ENGL 141, 142, 143, 144, 178, 179; LING 148; PHIL 131, 132, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 158; SOC 111; SWRK 136; WS 120/120S, 125, 135; WS/CLAS 141

Contemporary Social Issues (Choose One Course)

AFRS/WS 137; AFRS 139, 140; AIS 101; ANTH 123, 128; ASAM 110; CRIM 120S, 138; PAX 100; PLSI 175; SOC 130W/130WS, 151, 157; WS/CRIM 126; WS/PH 130; WS 149

Social Change: Applications (Choose One Course)

AFRS 146; ANTH 117; COMM 171; CRIM 178; LEE 144S; PAX 110; SOC 121, 122, 144, 174

For more information, please contact Dr. James Rocha,