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Department of Philosophy

Degrees and Programs

The Pre-Law Option emphasizes the various skills that will be utilized within law school and in the legal profession: critical thinking, close reading, and  balancing competing value systems. While law schools neither require nor recommend any specific major, they seek students with a broad general education background, such as offered by studying philosophy. Students who enjoy philosophy and wish to pursue a legal career should find the Pre-Law Option an excellent way to combine their interests.

The Religious Studies Option offers objective methods for exploring the vast and complex human experience known as religion. This study is done with an appreciation for the variety and diversity of religious beliefs and expressions. This option provides students with an academic approach to religion in personal, social, historical, and global contexts.

The Philosophy Minor requires 15 units in Philosophy, 9 of which must be upper-division. The courses must be taken for letter grades. The Philosophy Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

For further information about course offerings and degree requirements, see the following links in the current General Catalog.

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