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Writing Center

Tutor Resources

Recordings and Transcriptions

See how we use recordings and transcriptions in our tutor training here.

Response Lens Booklet

This is the booklet our tutors use in our small writing groups. The lenses are on the left hand pages and were written Booklet Imagewith an audience of tutors and students in mind. The pages on the right are aimed at tutors and offer information and advice on teaching the lenses. This booklet is still a draft.

Here is a Word file with the pages in linear form:

Lens Booklet (.doc)

The link below is a PDF in booklet form. It is meant to be printed double-sided, folded in the middle, and stapled either by your printer or manually.

Lens Booklet (.pdf)

Individual Lenses

Here are three individual lenses that cover a broad range of response situations.

Response Situations
More About Overall 2-Step Summary
More About doc Overall doc 2-Step Summary doc
More About pdf Overall pdf 2 Step Summary pdf

Tutor Publication

Every year since 1994, when Magda Gilewicz began directing the Writing Center, we’ve created and printed a volume of writing and pictures produced by tutors. This publication served as an assignment for tutors, asking them to reflect on what they had learned in the past year of tutoring, but it has also functioned nicely as a kind of yearbook that we can all browse through later, when tutors have graduated and moved on.

This year, for the first time, we decided to make the publication available online. In the past, tutors would often ask, "Am I writing to you? Am I writing to other tutors?" And it made us uneasy to think they were only writing to us, as an assignment. It might have made the assignment feel a bit artificial for some tutors. But this semester we were able to tell them that they were writing to you. You, who came to our web page and were interested enough to look at this pdf, but are most likely unfamiliar with our practices and the reasons behind them. Having you as a reader allowed us to shape this semester’s publication into a kind of open house of our Writing Center. We asked tutors to choose from a list of topics that might best work in that way.Some tutors also found topics that weren’t on our list but we decided dealt with things you might like to learn about as well. In this publication you'll find pieces that talk about our small writing groups, our online tutoring, our one-on-one sessions, and even our training. Tutors share their experiences of becoming tutors and working at our Center.

You might follow along a bit better as you read this if you take a moment to look at our Response Lens booklet we have available above. This is the actual booklet we give tutors, which describes in detail some of the practices they mention in their pieces.

And if you would like to turn your experience reading this into a conversation, please feel free to email us with questions or examples of your own practices. Thank you and welcome.

Tutor Publication 2020 (.pdf 2.5 MB)

Tutor Publication 2019 (.pdf 3 MB)

Tutor Publication 2018 (.pdf 9.7 MB)

Tutor Publication 2017 (.pdf 3.9 MB)

Tutor Publication 2016 (.pdf, 7.2 MB)

Tutor Publication 2015 (.pdf, 2.2 MB)

Tutor Publication 2014 (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

Use and Attribution

Please feel free to use any of these resources. If you do, use a link to this page as an attribution so that others will be able to find their way back to us too.

If you revise the lenses we ask that we be allowed to use any of your changes to improve our tools.  If you consider using the materials commercially you must contact us first.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.