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Department of Philosophy

About Us

Program Overview

The Department of Philosophy offers students the following opportunities for a rich and rewarding undergraduate experience. There are three tracks through the major: a general Philosophy Major, a Pre-Law Option, and a Religious Studies Option. Additionally, there are minors in Philosophy, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Middle East Studies. The department provides ample opportunity for individual attention and student participation in its activities, e.g., Student clubs, symposia, colloquia, etc.

The Pre-Law Option emphasizes analytical skills, ethics, and values courses. Law schools seek a broad general education background and do not recommend any specific major. Students who enjoy philosophy and are interested in law should find this option an excellent way to combine their interests.

The Religious Studies Option offers objective methods for exploring the vast and complex human experience known as religion. This study is done with an appreciation for the variety and diversity of religious beliefs and expressions. This option provides students with an academic approach to religion in personal, social, historical, and global contexts.

Degrees and Programs

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