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Department of English

Professor Mai Der Vang is interviewed by an ABC30 reporter and photographer inside the Philip Levine Reading Room

English in the News

The Department of English and the Creative Writing Program have a long history of student, alumni, and faculty successes. These include local, regional, and national accomplishments in research, writing, teaching, and publishing. They also include accomplishments in a wide and sometimes unexpected range of professional fields.

English Newsletter

Published three times per year, the English Department's email newsletter aims to inform our writing communities about the incredible work of our talented faculty, students, and alumni. The newsletter also includes a listing of upcoming events, and a Giving Spotlight that shows the impact of scholarship gifts on our student scholars.

Issue 3.1
September 2023

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the English Department Scholarship
  • Faculty kudos for Juan Carlos Mantilla, Michele McConnell, Brynn Saito, Brenna Womer
  • Students of Distinction Mialise Carney, Mia De La Cerda, Lindsay Norton
  • Alumni kudos for Roda Avelar, Brian Turner

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Issue 3.2
February 2024

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the English Department Scholarship
  • Faculty kudos for Venita Blackburn
  • Student accomplishments by Caleigh Camara, James T. Morrison, sami h. tripp
  • Alumni kudos for Juan Luis Guzmán, Ryan Kenedy

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Issue 3.3
June 2024

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the Larry Levis Memorial Scholarship
  • Student accomplishments by Joshua Sagouspe, Lillian Hammerstrom, Ellis Brewer, Michael Steiner, Bianca Palma, Katie Bergman
  • Faculty kudos for Mai Der Vang, Michele McConnell
  • Alumni kudos for Olivia Muñoz, Hermelinda Hernandez Monjaras

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Issue 2.1
September 2022

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the Cheng Lok Chua Scholarship
  • Faculty kudos for Venita Blackburn, J. Ashley Foster, Sean A. Gordon, Alison Mandaville
  • Students of Distinction Janette Lopez Villalobos, Mary Sosa, Carolina Vasquez Mata
  • Alumni kudos for Soreath Hok, Delaney R. Olmo, Shelby Pinkham

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Issue 2.2
February 2023

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the Mireyda Barraza Martinez Writing Award
  • Faculty kudos for Mai Der Vang, Reva E. Sias
  • Student accomplishments by Celeste Christine Guirola, Hermelinda Hernandez Monjaras
  • Alumni kudos for Gabriel Ibarra, Pilar Christiana Graham

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Issue 2.3
June 2023

Featured news:

  • Spotlight on the Young Writers' Conference adopt-a-school initiative
  • Faculty kudos for Brynn Saito, Hector Tapía III
  • Student accomplishments by Alexander Abraham, Marcus Valadez, Jenni Berrett, Hannah Leece, Ingrid Kreuscher
  • Alumni kudos for Mialise Carney, Kathy Fagan

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Issue 1.1
September 2021

Featured news:

  • Faculty kudos for William Arcé, Jenny Krichevsky, Reva E. Sias, and René Rodríguez-Astacio
  • Dean’s Medal winners Harrison Martin and Anthony Cody
  • Faculty new books by Venita Blackburn, Ra Jarrar and Mai Der Vang

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Issue 1.2
February 2022

Featured news:

  • Faculty kudos for Mai Der Vang and Venita Blackburn
  • Profiles of scholarship recipients Maiyang Lor and Sydney Allison Hinton
  • Alumni kudos for Taylor Petersen and Michael Harding

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Issue 1.3
June 2022

Featured news:

  • Faculty Mai Der Vang named a finalist for Pulitzer Prize
  • English students present at annual CAH honors symposium
  • Alumni kudos for Anthony Cody, Navdeep Singh Dhillon and Burlee Vang

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