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Department of English

Alumna Taylor Petersen works inside the Teacher Resource Center in the campus library.

Our Success Stories

People often ask: What can you DO with an English degree?

Our response: What CAN'T you do?

With honed communication skills, deepened emotional intelligence, and a keen eye for analysis, English Department and Creative Writing Program alumni gain an edge in many professional fields. Of course, our graduates teach. And of course, our graduates write books. They also work in a wide range of jobs you might not expect.

Feature stories

January 2023Three MFA alumni publish debut books in 2021-22 (Fresno State News)

October 2019 — Local community colleges hire English and Creative Writing grads (Arts and Humanities blog)

September 2019 — Creative Writing student lands coveted publishing internship (Arts and Humanities blog)

May 2019 — Life After Graduation: Leo Rowland, MFA Creative Writing (Arts and Humanities blog)

May 2019 — English Education graduate's Air National Guard service helped her pay for school (Fresno State News)

May 2019 — Alumna Marisol Baca named Fresno Poet Laureate (Arts and Humanities blog)

April 2019 — English alumni gather for multiethnic literature conference anniversary (Arts and Humanities blog)

December 2018 — Seven MFA alumni publish debut books in 2017-18 (Arts and Humanities blog)

November 2018 — English Education alumnus takes unlikely path to teaching job (Arts and Humanities blog)

May 2018 — Symposium embraces complexities of late alumnus, poet Andrés Montoya (Arts and Humanities blog)

December 2016 — Eight MFA alumni publish debut books in 2016 (Arts and Humanities blog)

November 2016 — Community film premiere celebrates alumnus, poet Larry Levis (Arts and Humanities blog)

September 2016 — Alumnus Soul Vang creates endowed scholarship, poetry prize (Arts and Humanities blog)

October 2015 — Alumni become leaders of their own college writing centers (Fresno State Magazine)