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Department of Linguistics

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Welcome to Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of the human capacity for language. Language is a defining characteristic of the human species; without language, there would be no civilization, no culture, no scientific or technological development, none of the achievements and capabilities distinctive to the human species. Therefore, the study of the nature of language is fundamental to the understanding of what it means to be human.


Professor looks over a student's work in the classroom.


Our faculty will guide you in developing applications of linguistics to teaching and technology while developing intellectual skills essential to your professional career.

Faculty Directory

Hmong student dressed in traditional brightly colored clothes.

Degrees and Programs

Investigate the nature of human language, its structure and diversity, and learn how language is processed in the human mind and how it relates to other human cognitive faculties.


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The Hub

The Hub for Language Teaching and Learning fosters language learning and language teaching opportunities and promoting the use of best practices by language teachers.

Hub for Language Teaching and Learning