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Department of Linguistics

Linguistics Thesis Syllabus

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Laura Hendricksen wins CAH Outstanding Thesis Award for work on Hidatsa language

After graduating from Buchanan High School, Laura Hendricksen went to the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Linguistics and Spanish. She has just received her M.A. in Linguistics from Fresno State. While working on her master’s degree, she worked as a graduate teaching assistant at Fresno State and an English tutor for the Huntington Learning Center. 

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Linguistics MA Theses

See the Library e-Collections for the up-to-date thesis archive.


Alotaibi, Faris. 2017. Optimality Theoritic Analysis of Najdi Broken Plural.

Alzebaidi, Zahra. 2017. The Syntactic Status of NP in Guerrero Nahuatl: Non-Configurationality and the Polysynthesis Parameter.

Rivera, Amanda Leigh. 2017. Metrical Prominence in Hidatsa: An Acoustic and Phonological Analysis.


Alghamdi, Rozan. 2016. An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of Stress in Ghamdi Arabic.

Alamri, Samia. 2016. The Effects of English, Arabic, and No Subtitles on Arabic ESL LearnersListening Comprehension.

Shamakhi, Maha Qasim. 2016. Scopal Relationship of Negation and Quantifiers in Jizani Arabic.

Tobar, Alyssa. 2016. Perception of Disfluencies in English.


Alenezy, Eiman Nassar. 2015. Attitudes of Saudi EFL Students Toward American and British Accents.

Aljutaili, Abdulrahman Abdullah. 2015. Parasitic Gaps in Buraidah Arabic.

Al-Shareef, Sanaa. 2015. Cross-Language Analysis of Stop Closure Duration and Aspiration in English and Arabic.

Alshehri, Jamilah. 2015. An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Stress in Shehri Arabic.

Bikbaev, Edvard. 2015.  VP Clauses in Russian.

DerSimonian, Nicole. 2015. Sketch of Chalon Phonology.

Flores, Mayaprimavera. 2015. The Syntax of Respect: Agreement and Anaphora in Khmer.

McGrew, Heather. 2015. High Vowel Deletion in Wikchamni Geminates.

Ratzlaff, Niklas. 2015. A Cross Comparison and Efficacy Study of Duolingo and an Entry-Level German 1A Course.

Sadaan, Noora Al. 2015. The Prosodic Structure of Determiners in Hasawi Arabic.

See, Nalee Thao. 2015. An Exploration of Hmong Lexical Adverbs, Aspects, and Moods.


Alelaiwi, Ali. 2014.  Investigating what might determine the quality of the epenthetic vowel.

Alhammad, Reham.  2014. Emphasis spread in Najdi Arabic. 

Al-Sammak, Mohammed. 2014. Cognate objects with unaccusative and unergative verbs in Arabic.

DeFehr, Gregory Scott. 2014. Western Mono Stress.

Deng, Jie. 2014. Interaction Effect Between Aspiration and Tones in Weihai Chinese.

Gorman, Kathryn. 2014. L1 influence on adult L2 learners’ attention to English articles.

Paulsen, Christian. 2014. Structural case and agreement in Ancient Greek copular constructions.

Warren, Ron. 2014. An acoustic analysis of the feature Advanced Tongue Root in Karajá.


Alzhrani, Majed. 2013. Stressless heavy syllables affect main stress perception of Saudi learners of English.

Bailey, Dina. 2013. Learning the phonology of ASL by L2 hearing adult learners.

Camburn, Ruth. 2013. The syntax of discourse particles in Chukchansi Yokuts.

Dang, Phuong. 2013. Does prosodic word recursion cause phonetic initial strengthening?

Halstead, Melanie. 2013.  The effect of structured oral sentence frames on receptive and productive vocabulary development.

Rhodes, Ryan. 2013. Clausal architecture of Chukchansi Yokuts.

Uwambayinema, Emmanuel. 2013. Science teachers’ challenges implementing Rwanda’s English as a Medium of Instruction policy: a case study of Nyarugenge District rural secondary schools.


Aune, Doreen. 2012.  Chukchansi language adult curriculum.


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Martin, Isaac. 2011. A phonetic account of the Chukchansi Yokuts vowel space.

Mello, Daniel. 2011. Stress system of Chukchansi Yokuts.

Teliga, Viktoriia 2011. Phonological movement in Ukrainian.


Balcom, Galen. 2010. Automated part of speech induction to improve understanding of the parts of speech.

Project papers

Cordona, Keith. 2011. Phonological movement in Serbian. 

Schielke, Michael. 2011. Recall capacity of short-term memory.

Henderer, Dasha. 2010. Prosodic movement in colloquial Russian.

Vasilyeva, Lena. 2010. Vowel harmony for Russian loanwords into Yakut.

Rasekhikolokdaragh, Vahideh. 2009. Low vowels block Dorsey’s Law in Farsi loans.