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Department of Linguistics

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About Us

Our undergraduate and graduate programs develop intellectual skills that are essential to professional careers or advanced degrees. Our courses provide analytical tools that can be applied to virtually any subject. They also help enhance critical thinking, satisfy broad intellectual interest, and enrich personal knowledge.

Our majors can be applied directly to various professional fields. They also serve as excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degrees in linguistics and other fields such as English, anthropology, psychology, sociology, computer science, cognitive science, education, and foreign languages. 

The Department of Linguistics has a computer lab and a phonetics lab for computer-assisted language learning (CALL), for language study, and for the analysis of speech sounds. The department also hosts the Hub for Language Teaching and Learning, and provides practical classroom teaching experience for qualified TESOL students through employment in the American English Institute.

The department is also home to the Indigenous Languages Group (ILG) at California State University, Fresno, a group of faculty and students in the department of linguistics working in the areas of documentation and revitalization of indigenous languages of the Americas.

Why Major in Linguistics?

This article by the Linguistic Society of America answers that question.

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