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Department of Art, Design and Art History

Animation / New Media


The Bachelor of Art: Animation and New Media emphasis allows students to explore fine art concepts through the use of various technological tools and mediums. Courses are offered in digital Imaging, 3D digital modeling, Video, 2D and 3D Animation.  Combined with a strong foundation of art and art history, the program provides a thorough and broad investigation of critical art issues in a socio-economic, historical, art historical context. Students engage with high-end technological processes and learn skills critical to developing a career in either industry or art.



Paula Durette (Animation, Digital Imaging, Video)

Dan Nadaner (Video)

Student in Animation

Animation and New Media Courses:

ART 37. Introduction to Computer Art
Prerequisites: ART 13. Introduction to the practice of creating art through the use of the computer. Integrates concepts from painting, drawing, design, and computer-specific processes. (6 lecture-lab hours) Units: 3

ART 80. Beginning 3D Digital Art - Modeling
Prerequisite: ART 37 or GD 37 or permission of the instructor. Recommended ART 14 or ID 112. Introduction to three-dimensional digital modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering in a fine arts context using Autodesk Maya. Intermediate rendering topics are included. (6 lecture-lab hours) Units: 3

ART 102. Ideas of Visual Culture: Art, Media, and the Computer
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area C. Overview of ideas in visual culture and critical theory. Examines visual culture in the form of video, film, new works in visual art, the computer, and visual spectacles in contemporary culture. G.E. Integration IC. (3 lecture/lab hours) Units: 3

ART 107. 2-D Computer Art & Animation 
Prerequisites: ART 20 or ID 43, ART 37 or GD 37, or permission of instructor. Building upon digital imaging with an emphasis in animation and time-based digital processes. (6 lecture-lab hours) Units: 3

ART 180. Intermediate 3D Digital Art - Animation
Prerequisites: ART 80 and ART 107, or permission of the instructor. Building upon ART 80 and ART 107, this course explores 3D digital animation in a fine arts context. Processes include particles, dynamics, and keyframe/hierarchical animation (6 lecture-lab hours) Units: 3

ART 188. Digital Video Art
Introduction to the medium of video art. Students will examine video concepts and forms through production, readings, and discussions, as well as by viewing students' and artists' works. (6 lecture/lab hours) Units: 3

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