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Armenian Studies Program

Kazan Visiting Professors

The Henry S. Khanzadian Kazan Visiting Professorship in Armenian Studies

This specially designed endowment allows the Armenian Studies Program to invite, for one semester each year, an internationally recognized scholar in contemporary Armenian affairs. The distinguished professor teaches a single course on a subject related to modern Armenian history, including the Genocide of 1915 and the formation of the Armenian Republic. In addition, the scholar will present three public lectures on a single topic; these will be published as a volume in the Kazan Armenian Studies series.

Armenian Studies Program, Fresno State (2000-2020)

18-Fall 2021-Suren Manukyan
Suren Manukyan at a podium with the Armenian flag behind him.

a) "Architects of the Armenian Genocide: The Top-Level Perpetrators"
- September 17, 2021

a) "Bureaucrats of the Armenian Genocide: The Mid-Level Perpetrators"
- October 15, 2021

c) "Ordinary Killers of the Armenian Genocide: The Lower-Level Perpetrators"
- November 12, 2021

17-Fall 2020-Ohannes Kılıçdağı


a) "'Living Together Requires Dying Together': Conscription of Armenians into the Ottoman Armenia after the 1908 Revolution"
- September 18, 2020

b) "Subjects or Citizens?: Armenians from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic"
- October 16, 2020

c) "The Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul under the Light of the Last Crisis of the Patriarchal Election"
- November 16, 2020

16-Spring 2020-Ari Şekeryan


a) "An Untold Story of Survival: The Armenian Community in Istanbul during the Armistice Years (1918-1923)"
-February 7, 2020

b) "The Survivors: Armenian Orphans and Refugees after the First World War (1918-1923)" -March 5, 2020

c) "The Armenian Patriarchate, Politics and the Postwar Settlement in Istanbul: The Story of Patriarch Zaven"
-April 2, 2020

15-Fall 2018-Ümit Kurt

Umit Kurt

a) "A Rescuer, an Enigma, and a Génocidaire: Cemal Pasha"
-September 21, 2018

b) "Proactive Local Perpetrators: Mehmet Yasin (Sani Kutluğ) and Ali Cenani" -October 16, 2018

c) "The Curious Case of Ahmed Necmeddin Bey: A Look into the Sociopolitical Climate in Aintab on the Eve of 1915"
-November 6, 2018

14-Spring 2018-Yektan Türkyilmaz


a) "Van/Vaspurakan Armenians: From Renaissance to Resistance and Genocide"- February 6, 2018

b) "Armenians on Records: Music Production from Homeland to Diasporas" -March 7, 2018

c) "(Re)-Evaluating the Decision-Making Processes in the Armenian Genocide" -April 17, 2018

13-Fall 2016-Khatchig Mouradian


"Genocide and Resilience"

a) "Genocide and Humanitarian Resistance in Ottoman Syria: 1915-1917"- September 20, 2016

b) "'Don't Fall Off the Earth': The Armenian Communities in China from the 1880s to the 1950s" -October 20, 2016

c) "The Tale of Two Mid-Wives: The Notebooks of Siphora and Nuritza Shnorhokian of Aintab, 1890-1930" -November 30, 2016

12-Spring 2016-Roberta Ervine

Roberta Ervine

"In the Harsh Light of Genocide: Insights of Selected Armenian Thinkers”

a) "Armenians on Immortality" -February 29, 2016

b) "Armenians on What Matters Most" -March 30, 2016

c) "Holy Vengeance: Three Hierarchs of the Genocide Speak to America’s Armenians" -April 27, 2016

11-Spring 2015-Myrna Douzjian


"The Armenian Genocide in Film: Theoretical & Comparative Perspectives"

a) "The Genocide as Allegory in Serge Avedikian's Chienne d'histoire"-February 11, 2015

b) "Atom Egoyan's Ararat: Traumatic Histories and Transnational Identities"-March 19, 2015

c) "Reinventing the Genocide Documentary: Memories without Borders and Solemnity"-April 8, 2015

10-Spring 2013-Sona Haroutyunian

"The Theme of the Armenian Genocide in Literature, Translation,
and Cinema"

a) "The Armenian Genocide in Literature" -February 25, 2013

b) "The Armenian Genocide in Translation" -March 14, 2013

c) "The Armenian Genocide in Cinema" -April 10, 2013

9-Spring 2011-Barlow Der Mugrdechian

"Armenian-American Literature in English"

a) "Armenian-American Literature: The First Generation"
-February 23, 2011

b) "The Theme of Genocide in Twentieth Century Armenian-American Literature"-April 27, 2011

8-Spring 2010-Abraham Terian

"In the Darkness of the Genocide"

a) "Armenian Identity and the Genocide" –February 17, 2010

b) "The Loud Cry: Early Literary Responses to the Genocide"–March 11, 2010

c) "The Less-Known Victims of the Armenian Genocide" –April 29, 2010

7- Spring 2009-George Bournoutian

"The Armenian Church Under Foreign Rule: 16th-20th Centuries (Russia, South Asia, and Iran)"

a) "The Armenian Church Under Persian Rule: 1600-1800"
-March 3, 2009

b) "The Armenian Church under Russian Rule: 1600-1800"
-March 24, 2009

c) "The Armenian Church in South Asia: 1600-1800" -April 21, 2009

6-Fall 2006-Levon Chookaszian

"Armenian Massacres and Genocide Reflected in Armenian Art of the 20th Century"

a) "The Armenian Painters of Constantinople at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries" -September 27, 2006

b) "Armenian Massacres and Genocide and the Liberation Movement as Reflected in Armenian Art" -October 18, 2006

c) Armenian Art Treasures Saved from the Genocide"-November 15, 2006

5-Spring 2006-James Reid

"Inner Dimensions of the Armenian Genocide"

a) "The Effect of World War I on the Human Psyche" -February 21, 2006

b) "The 'Death World' and its Influence on Victim Survivors" -March 22, 2006

c) "Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Genocide Survivor Writing" -April 25, 2006

4-Fall 2003-Ara Sanjian

"The Armenian Quest for Mountainous Karabagh Under Soviet Rule: 1923-1988"

a) "The Question of Mountainous Karabagh in Soviet Armenian Politics, 1923-1987" -September 24, 2003

b) "The Armenian Quest for Mountainous Karabagh and the Diaspora: 1923-1987" -October 15, 2003

c) "The Armenian Church Under Soviet Rule" -November 19, 2003

3-Fall 2002-Barbara Merguerian

"The Armenian Question in United States Foreign Policy"

a) "The Impact of the American Missionaries" -October 22, 2002

b) "The Witness of the American Consulates" -November 12, 2002

c) "Isolationism vs. Internationalism in US Foreign Policy: The Case of Armenia" -December 6, 2002

2-Fall 2001-Robert Hewsen

"The Conversion of Armenia to Christianity"

a) "Armenia on the Eve of the Conversion" –October 4, 2001

b) "The Conversion of King Trdat: Reading Between The Lines"-November 1, 2001

c) "The Conversion of the Armenian People" –December 6, 2001

1-Fall 2000-Richard Hovannisian

"The Armenian Genocide  and Its Denial"

a) "Remembrance and Denial: The Armenian Genocide"- October 8, 2000

b) "The Last Generation of Ottoman Armenians: Bitter Sweet Memories" -October 30, 2000

c) "Historical Memory and Armenian Foreign Affairs" -December 5, 2000