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Armenian Studies Program

City of Ani

Type: Domed Three-Nave Basilica


Date: Xth - XIth c

Evidence for date:

Important details:

State of preservation:


Summary: The church of the Mother of God stands in the center of the city, it was visible from all points. The church is the work of the famous architect Trdat between 989 and 1001. It is a large triple-nave domed basilica the result of a fusion between basilica and central plan.

The now fallen cupola was supported by four large pillars and large, slightly ogival arches. The exterior walls do not express the volumes and space of the interior but they are given a vertical articulation by a series of small blind arcades carried on tall half-columns. This rhythm is interrupted by a taller and larger arch corresponding to the central portion of the church. Two deep triangular niches are cut not only into the apse but also into the large walls, that correspond to the cupola and the internal projections of the wall.

The building which lacks both drum and cupola is badly damaged at the entrances and on the north-western angle as well.

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  • Ani Floorplan
  • Location of Ani
  • Drawing of Ani by Conant
    Drawing by Conant
  • Drawing by Texier of Ani
    Drawing by Texier
  • Drawing by Tutundjian of Ani
    Drawing by Tutundjian
  • East wall of Ani
    East wall
  • Southeast wall of Ani
    Southeast wall
  • Interior Southwall Entrance
    Interior, southwall, enterence
  • Surounding area of Ani
    Surounding area
  • Ani and Surrounding City
    Ani with surounding city
  • Southwest view of Ani
    Southwest view
  • Southeast view of Ani
    Southeast view
  • Southwest View of Ani
    Southwest View
  • Interior Coloumn of Ani
    Interior coloumn
  • Interior Dome of Ani
    Interior dome
  • West Wall Entrance of Ani
    West wall, enterence
  • Northeast Wall of Ani
    Northeast wall
  • Collapsed Section of Northeast Wall of Ani
    Collapsed section of northeast wall
  • Front Entrance of Ani
    Front Entrance
  • South Wall Entrance of Ani
    South Wall Entrance
  • Plains around Ani
    Plains of Ani
  • Southwest Outside View of Ani
    Southwest view
  • Interior towards West Entrance of Ani
    Interior towards west enterence