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Armenian Studies Program


General Works on Armenian Art

Arak'elian, Babgen, Cities and Crafts in Armenia, IXth-XIIIth Centuries (in Armenian), 2 vols., Erevan, 1958, 1964.

Atti, Primo Simposio Internazionale de Arte Armena, Bergamo, 1975, San Lazzaro, Venice, 1978; essays on all the arts.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, L'Art arménien, Paris, 1977; English edition, Armenian Art, New York, 1978.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, The Armenians, London, 1969.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, Byzantine and Armenian Studies, Etudes byzantines et arméniennes, 2 vols., Louvain, 1973; a collection of Der Nersessian's articles on Armenian and Byzantine art.

Mekhitarian, Arpag, Treasures of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 1969.

Narkiss, Bezalel, editor with Michael Stone, Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem, New Rochelle, New York, 1979.

Stepanian, Nora, and Tchakmaktchian, A., Art décoratif de l'Arménie médiévale, Leningrad, 1971. Terzo Simposio Internazionale de Arte Armena, Milano-Venezia, 1981, San Lazzaro, Venice, 1984.

The Second International Symposium on Armenian Art, Erevan, 1978, 4 vols., 1981; essays on all the arts.

Thierry, Jean-Michel, and Donabédian, Patrick, Les arts arméniens, Paris, 1987, especially good for architecture.

Treasures of Etchmiadzin, Etchmiadzin, 1984, text in Armenian, Russian and English; for metal work, textiles, minor arts.

Sakisian, Armenag, Pages d'art arménien, Paris, 1940; for carpets, metalwork.

I. Architecture

Architettura armena IV-XVIII secolo, exhibition catalogue, editions in English, French, Spanish, Armenian, and German, Milan, 1968 and after.

Architettura medievale armena, Rome, 1968.

Armenian Architectural Photographic Archive, Parts 1-6, Leiden, 1981-1988.

Armenian Churches, Etchmiadzin, 1970.

Carswell, John, New Julfa. The Armenian Churches and other Buildings, Oxford, 1968.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, Aght'amar. Church of the Holy Cross, Cambridge, Mass., 1965.

Documents of Armenian Art/Documenti di Architettura Armena, English, Italian, Armenian texts, 20 volumes, Milan Polytechnique and the Armenian Academy of Sciences, Milan, 1968-1989: 1. Hakhbat (1968), 2. Khatchkar (1969), 3. Sanahin (1970), 4. S. Thadei Vank (1971), 5. Amberd (1972), 6. G[h]eghard (1972), 7. Goshavank (1973), 8. Aght'amar (1974), 9. Ererouk (1977), 10. S. Stephanos (1980), 11. Ketcharis (1982), 12. Ani (1984), 13, Haghartzin (1985), 14. Amaghu Noravank (1985), 15. K'asakhi Vank'er (1986), 16. Ptghni/Arudch (1986), 17. Gandzasar (1987), 18. Sevan (1987), 19. Gharabagh (1989), 20, Sorhul (1989). 
Edwards, Robert, The Fortifications of Armenian Cilicia, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, 1987.

Hasrat'yan, Mourad, Essai sur l'architecture arménienne, Moscow, 1985.

Harut'yunian, V. M., Medieval Armenian Bridges and Caravansaries (in Armenian), Erevan, 1960.

Hovannesian, M., Armenian Fortresses, Venice, 1970, in Armenian.

Khalpakhchian, Ohannes, Architectural Ensembles of Armenia, 8 c. B.C.- 19 c. A.D., text in Russian and English, Moscow, 1980.

Khatchatrian, Armen, L'architecture arménienne du IVe au VIe siècle, Paris, 1971.

Monuments of Armenia, Beirut, 1975, French, Armenian and English texts.

Monuments of Armenian Architecture, Beirut, 1972, Armenian, French, and English editions.

Parsegian, V. L., Project Director, Armenian Architecture, microfiche photo archive of 42,000 photographs, 7 volumes.

Ricerca sull' Architectura Armena, 25 vols., Milan, 1969-1986; vol. 3, Bibliografia (1970).

Strzygowski, Josef, Die Baukunst der Armenier und Europa, 2 vols., Vienna, 1918.

Strzygowski, Josef, Origin of Christian Church Art, Oxford, 1923.

Studies in Medieval Armenian Architecture, 5 vols., Rome, 1971-1982.

T'oramanian, T'oros, Material for the History of Armenian Architecture (in Armenian), 2 vols., Erevan, 1942, 1948.

Tokarskii, N., Arxitektura Armenii. IX-XIV vv (Armenian Architecture, 9th-14th centuries), Erevan, 1961.

Thierry, Jean-Michel, Materiaux pour l'archéologie arménienne, vol. I, La Cathedrale de Kars, vol. II, Horomos, Louvain-Paris, 1978, 1980.

II. Miniature Painting

Armenian Miniatures of the 13th and 14th Centuries from the Matenadaran Collection Yerevan, Leningrad, 1984.

Azarian, Levon, Cilician Miniatures, XIIth-XIIIth Centuries (in Armenian), Erevan, 1975.

Buschhausen, H. and H., Die Illuminierten Armenischen Handschriften der Mechitaristen-Congregation in Wien, Vienna, 1976, German, Armenian, and English editions.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, and Arpag Mekhitarian, Armenian Miniatures from Isfahan, Brussels, 1986.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, Armenian Manuscripts in the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, 1963.

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, 1973

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, Manuscrits arméniens illustrès des XIIe, XIIIe et XIVe siècles de la Bibliothèque des Pères Mekhitaristes de Venise, 2 vol., Venice, 1937 Dournovo, Lydia and Drampian, R. G., Miniatures arméniennes, Erevan, 1967.

Dournovo, Lydia, Armenian Miniatures, London, 1960, also German and French editions.

Hakobian, Hravard, Miniatures of Vaspurakan (in Armenian), vol. I, Erevan, 1976.

Izmailova, Tatiana, Armenian Miniatures of the XIth Century (in Russian), Moscow, 1979.

Janashian, Mesrob, Armenian Miniature Painting of the Monastic Library of San Lazarro, Venice, San Lazzaro, Venice, 1966.

Kazaryan (Ghazarian), V, and Manukyan, S., Matenadarhan, vol. I, Armenian Manuscripts of VI-XIV Centuries, Moscow, 1991, in Russian with English title and résumé, with 402 illustrations mostly in color.

Korkhmazyan, Emma, The Armenian Miniatures of Crimea (XIV-XVII Centuries), (in Armenian), Erevan, 1978 
Kouymjian, Dickran, Index of Armenian Art, Fascicles I, Illuminated Armenian Manuscripts to the Year 1000 A.D., II, Illuminated Manuscripts of the 11th Century, Fresno-Paris, 1977, 1979).

Macler, Frédéric, Miniatures arméniennes. Vies du Christ, Paris, 1913 Mathews, Thomas and Sanjian, Avedis, Armenian Gospel Iconography, The Tradition of the Glajor Gospel, Washington, 1991.

III. Sculpture

A. Stone Sculpture and Relief Carving

Arak'elian, Babgen, Armenian Figurative Bas-reliefs of the Fourth to the Seventh Centuries (in Armenian), Erevan, 1949.

Baltrusaitis, Jurgis, Etudes sur l'art médieval en Géorgie et en Arménie, Paris, 1929.

Hovsep'ian, Garegin, "The Funerary Stelae and Their Archaeological Value in the History of Armenian Art," (in Armenian and English), Materials and Studies for the History of Armenian Art and Culture, vol. III, New York, 1943, pp. 46-127.

B. Khach'k'ars

Azarian, Levon, Khatchkar, Documents of Armenian Art, vol. 2, Milan, 1970.

Baltrusaitis, Jurgis, and Kouymjian, Dickran, "Julfa on the Arax and Its Funerary Monuments," Armenian Studies/Etudes arméniennes: In Memoriam Haïg Berbérian, D. Kouymjian, editor, Lisbon, 1986, pp. 9-53.

Khatchkars arménien, text by L. Azarian, Holy See of Etchmiadzin, 1973.

Yakobson, Anatolii, Armyanskie xachkary, Moscow, 1986.

C. Wood Sculpture

See appropriate sections in Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, L'Art arménien, Paris, 1977; English edition, Armenian Art, New York, 1978.

Ghazarian, Manya, "Decorative Carved Doors of Medieval Armenia and Their Maintenance in Soviet Armenia," in Terzo Simposio, 1981, Venice, 1984, pp. 103-107.

IV. Frescoes/Wall Paintings, Mosaics, and Ceramics

A. Frescoes/Wall Painting

See appropriate sections in Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, L'Art arménien, Paris, 1977; English edition, Armenian Art, New York, 1978.

B. Mosaic

See appropriate sections in Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, L'Art arménien, Paris, 1977; English edition, Armenian Art, New York, 1978.

C. Ceramics

Bedoukian, Paul and Victoria with Tina Hazarian, Armenian Ceramic Art, exhibit catalogue, New York, 1982.

Carswell, John, Kütahya Titles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem, 2 vols., Oxford, 1972.

V. Metalwork and Engraving

A. Coins

Bedoukian, Paul, Coinage of Cilician Armenia, New York, 1962.

Bedoukian, Paul, Coinage of the Artaxiads of Armenia, London, 1978.

Bedoukian, Paul and Victoria, Armenian Coins and Medals, exhibit catalogue, New York, 1971.

Musheghian, Kh., Monetary Circulation in Armenian (Vth Century B.C.- XIVth Century A.D.), (in Armenian), Erevan, 1983.

Nercessian, Yeghia, Armenian Numismatic Bibliography and Literature, Los Angeles, 1984.

B. Metalwork in Silver and Gold

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, "Le reliquaire de Skévra et l'orfèvrerie cilicienne aux XIIIe et XIVe siècles," Etudes byzantines et arméniennes, Louvain, 1973, pp. 705-720.

C. Bronze and Tinned Copper

Bedoukian, Paul and Victoria, Thirty Centuries of Armenian Metal Art, exhibit catalogue, New York, 1978.

Kouymjian, Dickran, "Islamic Metal with Armenian Inscriptions," Annex II, in A. S. Melikian-Chirvani, Islamic Metalwork from the Iranian World, 8th-18th Century, London, 1982, pp. 403-406.

Musheghyan, Evgine, Objects with Armenian Inscriptions (in Armenian), vol. 1, Catalogue of the Museum Collection, State Historical Museum, Erevan, 1964; large section on tinned copper dishes.

VI. Textiles

A. Carpets

Davtyan, Serig, The Armenian Carpet, (in Armenian with English and Russian summary), Erevan, 1975.

Der Manuelian, Lucy and Eiland, Murray, Weavers, Merchants and Kings: The Inscribed Rugs of Armenia, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, 1984.

Gantzhorn, Volkmar, The Christian Oriental Carpet, Cologne, 1991, German, French, and English editions; a major reassessment of the origin of Oriental carpets, strongly emphasizing the role of Armenians.

Ghazarian, Manya, Armenian Carpets, Moscow, 1985.

Gregorian, Arthur T. and Hampshire, Joyce Gregorian, Armenian Rugs from the Gregorian Collection, no place (Boston), 1987.

Kouymjian, Dickran, "Les tapis à inscriptions arméniennes," in H. Kévorkian et B. Achdjian, Tapis et textiles arméniens, Marseilles, 1991, pp. 247-253.

B. Woven, Stamped and Painted Textiles

Bedoukian, Paul and Victoria, Armenian Woven Art, exhibit catalogue, New York, 1980.

Dournovo, Lydia, Armyanskii naboki, Moscow, 1953, textile fragments from Armenian bindings.

C. Lace and Embroidery

Davtyan, Serig, Armenian Lace (in Armenian with English and Russian summary), Erevan, 1966.

Davtyan, Serig, Armenian Embroidery (in Armenian with English and Russian summary), Erevan, 1972.

Davtyan, Serig, The Embroidery of Marash (in Armenian with English and Russian summary), Erevan, 1974.

Kasparian, Alice Odian, Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery, McLean, Virginia, 1983.

D. Costumes

Badrig, Patrik A., Armenian Costumes from Ancient Times to the Present (in Armenian), Erevan, 1967.

The Costumes of Armenian Women, Hai Guin Society, Teheran, no date (1976).

Armenian Costumes through the Centuries, Armenian Relief Society, Fresno, no date (1985), text in Armenian, English and French.

VII. Music and the Art of the Book

A. Musical Notations and Instruments

Nersessian, Vrej, Essay on Armenian Music, London, 197?.

B. Early Printing and Graphic Art

Anasian, H. S., Catalogue of Early Armenian Printing, 1512-1800 (in Armenian), Erevan, 1963.

Kévorkian, Raymond, Catalogue des "Incunables" arméniens (1511/1695) ou Chronique de l'imprimerie arménienne, Geneva, 1986.

Nersessian, Vrej, Catalogue of Early Armenian Books, 1512-1850, The British Library, London, 1980.

C. Stamped and Tooled Leather Bindings

Arak'elian, Babgen, The Cities and Crafts in Armenian in the IXth to the XIIIth Centuries (in Armenian) vol. I, Erevan, 1958, leather craft in Armenian, pp. 296-302, and on bookbinding, pp.316-321.

Hovsép'ian, Garegin A Page from the History of Armenian Art and Culture (in Armenian), Aleppo, 1930