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Armenian Studies Program

Soil Decontamination Project

Soil Decontamination Effort in Armenia

The Armenian Ministry of Agriculture and US Department of Agriculture estimate that Armenia has nearly 55,000 hectares of contaminated farmland, which contains a variety of toxic metals and other dangerous chemicals. A recently completed three-year project to ameliorate some of these soils was funded by the USDA FAS, in collaboration with the Armenian State Agrarian University (ASAU), Fresno State Armenian Studies Program and Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. The objective of the program was to utilize locally available, organic amendments to decontaminate sections of soil from heavy metals and carbonates due to emissions from cement and chemical factories in three regions of the country. Farmers are now in the process of re-cultivating the land with food and feed. Project findings have been disseminated to farmers through extension services affiliated with the ASAU.

Contact Information:
Dr. Bill Erysian
Manager, Grants & International Projects
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology
California State University, Fresno
5245 North Backer Ave. PB 101
Fresno CA 93740
Tel: 559.278.5115

Bill Erysian