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Department of Art, Design and Art History


Art Minor

The Art Minor consists of a minimum of 21 units of which 9 must be upper division.

A maximum of six units of CR/NC grading will be accepted.

ARTH 10 and 11(6 units)
ART 13 and 20(6 units)
ARTH elective (upper division) (3 units)
ARTH or studio electives (upper division) (6 units)
Total (21 units)

Note: The Art Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

Art History Minor

The Minor in Art History consists of 15 units in Art History, of which at least 9 units must be upper-division. Art History courses taken to satisfy the minor must be letter-graded.

Required Courses
Upper-Division (100-level) Art History coursework (9 units)
Art History electives (6 units)
Total (15 units)

Note: The Art History Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence. Students majoring in Art may not apply Art History coursework required for the B.A. in Art toward the Minor in Art History.

Media Arts Interdisciplinary Minor

Media arts is the study of the theories and techniques involved in computer animation, graphic design, video and audio production, digital photography, music composition, digital storytelling, and Web design. It brings students and faculty together in the key areas of art and design, music, and digital media production.

The Minor in Media Arts is a 20-21 unit program, with at least 12 upper-division units taken in residence. Students in the minor must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. The Media Arts Minor advisor must approve the program. Courses taken for the minor may count toward fulfilling General Education requirements, but not toward fulfilling the student's major.

Lower-Division Courses (8-9 units)
Select two courses from: ART 13GD 35MCJ 3MUSIC 9
Select one course from: MUSIC 47ART 30ART 37GD 37

Upper-Division Courses (12 units)
Select four courses from: ART 133ART 185ART 181ART 188MCJ 106MCJ 112MCJ 115MCJ 131MUSIC 147

Total (20-21 units)

For more information and advising, contact the Department of Media, Communications, and Journalism 559.278.2087.

Open to Students in Other Majors

The Minor in Media Arts is also open to students pursuing degrees in other majors. These students will be required to take all the courses listed in the minor, for a total of 29 units. Students from other majors must seek approval from the chair of the Department of Media, Communications and Journalism, the Department of Music, or the Department of Art and Design.