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College of Arts and Humanities

Instructional Technology

There are 12 discipline-specific computer labs maintained by the College of Arts and Humanities supported by an instructional technology support staff of highly qualified technicians.

Arts and Humanities Instructional Technology Policies and Procedures

  1. Requests for Lab hardware and software must be made to the Department Chair and copied to the department’s representative to the College’s Technology Committee.
  2. Requests for faculty workstation hardware, peripherals, and software must be made to the Department Chair.
  3. Faculty requesting teaching assignments in computer labs or wanting to schedule class meetings in a computer lab must consult with his or her department chair or designee.
  4. Open lab hours are posted at lab entrances.  A qualified student technician is assigned to any lab for which open lab hours are posted. 
  5. Food and drink are not allowed inside computer labs.
  6. Faculty assigned to teach in one of the College’s labs are responsible for ensuring the security of any university equipment contained therein.  Please remember to secure doors and/or equipment cabinets upon leaving the room.
  7. Instructional technology staff cannot service or provide university-licensed software to personal computers.

College of Arts and Humanities Technical Resources

  • Media Arts lab (Intel Duo Core iMacs and Mac Pros) with video, DVD authoring, 2D/3D animation, and interactivity capabilities. Software and peripherals include current versions of Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Renderman, Lightroom, AutoCad, 2-channel audio rack, video digitizing stations, scanners, Epson inkjet printers (11X17), and laser printer.
  • Music lab (Intel Core Duo iMacs). Includes Protools LE, Finale, Digital Performer, Kontakt, Logic Studio, Reason, Java 3D drill program, Practica Musica, MAX/MSP, midi keyboards, Mbox 2 mini input/controllers, 2-channel audio rack, and laser printers.
  • 3 Interior Design labs (Intel Duo Core iMacs and Mac Pros) with software and peripherals that include current versions of AutoCad, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, scanner, Epson inkjet printer (11X17), and Encad 48” color plotter.
  • Graphics/Video/MassCom lab (Intel Core Duo iMacs). Software and peripherals include current versions of Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, Final Cut Pro Studio, scanners, and color and b&w laser printers.
  • Graphic Design lab Software and peripherals include the latest Adobe Creative Suite, Fontographer, Font Lab, ScanFont, scanners, and color laser printer.
  • Theatre Arts lab with Intel Duo Core iMacs Software and peripherals include Adobe Creative Suite, Vector Works, Protools, Lightwright, BeamWright, scanner, 48” Color Plotter, and 11X17 inkjet printer.
  • Separate rendering farm with remote access.
  • 9 Digital Video Editing Suites (Intel Dual-Core Xeon Mac Pros). Software includes Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, and Final Cut Pro Studio.
  • Linguistics PC lab (Smart classroom) with MS Office, Integrated Chinese, Rosetta Stone, IBT Testing software, and printing capabilities.
  • 2 Writing Labs with Mac/PC stations. Software and peripherals include MS office, Macromedia Studio, and laser printer.
  • 2 Journalism Mac labs with Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, MS Office, Epson inkjet printer (11X17), laser printer.

Some items listed may not be available in every lab within the parent group.

Graphics/media/audio labs are restricted to students enrolled in specific courses.


Technology Assistance
If you Experience a Problem With: Contact:
Your university-issued desktop, laptop, software, workstation peripherals, internet connections, college labs, Google email Help Desk - 559/278-5000 or visit the Help Desk website


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