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College of Arts and Humanities

College of Arts and Humanities Commencement


To the Graduates of the Class of 2022:

On behalf of the Dean, Associate Dean, faculty, and staff of the College of Arts and Humanities, I wish to congratulate you, the Class of 2022 on achieving this important milestone in your life!

My name is Brenna Barks. I work in the Dean’s Office in the College of Arts and Humanities. Commencement is only a week and a half away! We are so excited to be celebrating with you in person. 

This final update is to provide you with an overview of what to expect the day of the ceremony, so please read it carefully

The ceremony will take place on Friday, May 20, 2022 at the Save Mart Center. There are Affiliate ceremonies taking place on the Saturday, but our ceremony is on the Friday. You are not limited to one or the other and may attend both, or just one, it is your graduation to celebrate. 

You will report to the loading ramp on the East side of the Save Mart Center (the same side as the Shehady Tower). We are now recommending you arrive between 11:20 and 11:30am. This is to ensure you have time to get through security, complete your name card, and line up in time for the ceremony to begin promptly at 12:15.

There will be tables set up before you reach security where you will complete name card for Flash Photography (the company taking official grad photos at the event). Even if you do not plan on purchasing the official photos, you must complete the card. It serves two purposes: providing Flash Photography with your contact information, and informing our readers how to pronounce your name as you walk across the stage. Complete the card and write your name phonetically on the back.

Everyone entering the Save Mart Center will have to go through security and will be subject to their Clear Bag Policy.  Do not arrive in your regalia. This is to expedite the security check. We recommend that you bring only the bare essentials -- your phone and your keys, in addition to your regalia. We also recommend that you wear comfortable, stable shoes as the ramp is both steep and the pavement is uneven.

When you get to the bottom of the ramp, you will be greeted by a College of Arts and Humanities Staff Marshal. They will direct you to the appropriate tunnel where your department is lined up. Head down the tunnel until you see a faculty member holding the standard with your department’s name (Art & Design; Communication, etc.) and get in line – there is no line order except the order you arrive in; make sure to check for either Graduate or Undergraduate depending on your degree! This is the best time to put on your regalia. 

If you are receiving your bachelor’s degree, your tassel should be on the right side (you will move it across to the left side after President Jimenez Sandoval confers your degrees to symbolize that you are officially graduated). If you are receiving your master’s degree your tassel should already be on the left side as you have your undergraduate degree, but you will carry your hood over one of your arms as you process in.

The procession will begin right at 12:15, and you will follow your department’s standard out onto the floor. The faculty standard bearer will lead your department up to the correct row and stop at the end. You will then file in until the row fills, and then one of our Staff Marshals will guide students into the next row. 

After the speeches and videos from the President, the ASI President, and others, we will then announce the graduates by department. A Staff Marshal will dismiss the departments by row to make their way toward the stage. 

You will file up the stairs (there will be ushers there to assist you as the stairs are dark), and you will hand your name card to the readers. They will read your name and you will proceed across the stage. Please note: the student who finds themselves seated next to the standard bearer will be the first student from that department to walk across the stage. This student will find a yellow card on their seat. Please be sure to hand that yellow card to the reader before you present them with your name card. 

When you exit the opposite side of the stage, there will be an official area where Flash Photography will take your more formal portrait if you would like one. You will then proceed back to your seat. Please follow Staff Marshal and Usher directions as you head back to your seat.

After all the graduates have been celebrated everyone will be asked to rise for the alma mater, and your degrees will be conferred by President Jimenez Sandoval. Once the President’s party has exited the platform your faculty standard bearers will rise and proceed to the back (West) of the Save Mart Center. You will be excused by Staff Marshals row by row and will follow the faculty standard bearers to the back (West) stairs. You will proceed up those back stairs to exit the floor. You will then exit the building

Your families can meet you outside on the grass near Shaw. Timing is very tight throughout the day with back to back ceremonies. The families and guests for the next ceremony will already be entering the Save Mart Center, so we want to ensure that you and your guests can meet quickly and that we do not create an overcrowding situation in the lobby.

We are not ticketing the event or limiting the number of guests. However, all attendees (including you and your guests) will have to go through a security check and will be limited to the Save Mart Center’s Clear Bag Policy:

  • Only clear bags will be allowed inside Save Mart Center
  • Bags must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and must not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12.”
  • Small clutch bags, 4.5″ x 6.5″ x 2″ can be taken into the arena in addition to one of the approved clear bags described above.
  • An exception will be made for any necessary medical items, but all such items are subject to inspection prior to entry into Save Mart Center.
  • Diaper bags are only allowed if accompanied by a baby, and are subject to search.
  • No weapons are allowed (this includes swiss army knives, etc.). A list of prohibited items is available HERE.

Please make sure your guests are aware of these policies, so that they have enough time to go through security and be seated by 12:15, and so they are not turned away at the door.

Masks are not required but they are recommended. If you or any of your guests feel ill, we ask that you/they stay home.

You may absolutely decorate your graduation cap. However, we do ask that you please remember that there will be children and families present, and that you do not want to “invade” your neighbor’s space when seated during the ceremony.

Printed programs will be on your seats at the ceremony. To limit contact, guests will be able to access the program via a QR code during the ceremony. We will try to order some extra programs in case you would like to take more than one as keepsakes for your family and friends. If you have family and friends who cannot attend, the event will be livestreamed. Please refer them to the University’s Commencement webpage.

Stoles are still available, but please remember that any purchased since April 30 will need to be picked up in person from the Dean’s office. We are in the old music building, just past the Wahlberg Recital Hall. Our business hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Be sure to pick up your stole by the end of the day on Thursday, May 19, as we will be working at the Save Mart Center all day on Friday and the office will be closed.

Please remember that April 30 was our deadline to guarantee names would appear in the program; if you submitted your commencement registration form after that date your name may not appear in the printed program. However your name will be announced at the ceremony and you will still be celebrated as you walk across stage.

On April 29, all eligible undergraduates received an email with instructions on when and where to pick up their honor cords.

We are very excited to be celebrating this amazing accomplishment with you and your loved ones on May 20. As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.





Brenna A. Barks, MSc

Administrative Analyst/Specialist